Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Athletes

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More and more people are discovering the potential benefits of Red Light Therapy. From helping to improve skin texture and tone, to reducing inflammation, it seems like RLT may have indications for many different modes of healing.


Since Red Light Therapy seems to be helpful for so many different conditions, could it be helpful for muscle recovery? Current studies are showing that in fact Red Light Therapy may be very beneficial for an athlete’s muscle recovery and can promote healthier muscles over time.


What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy works by promoting healthy cell activity at a mitochondrial level. When exposed to RLT, the mitochondria in the cells within the body are strengthened and therefore are able to produce more of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Essentially, ATP is the cell’s energy source. With an increase of ATP, cells are able to more efficiently repair themselves.


Red Light Therapy is practiced by exposing the user to low-level wavelengths of red light. This can be done on both a large or small scale. Red Light Therapy Devices range from handheld spot treatments to large installations.



Red Light Therapy For Muscle Recovery

Since Red Light Therapy  is so effective at promoting cellular repair, it is not hard to believe that it may also have an indication for muscle fatigue and in fact it does! Over time, the continuous practice of Red Light Therapy can help to develop and protect healthy muscle tissue.


Additionally, Red Light Therapy also has been shown to reduce the inflammation that ultimately leads to sore muscles after a strenuous workout. With reduced soreness, athletes will be able to get back into the gym faster and benefit from more effective workouts.



Red Light Therapy For Injuries

Something most avid athletes and fitness fanatics know all too well, an injury can set you back significantly. While most injuries are avoidable with safe fitness practices, once you are injured your number one goal will be to heal quickly and efficiently.


Red Light Therapy has been shown to be effective at helping to heal injuries up to two times faster than without the use of red light.


Types of Red Light Therapy For Athletes

Now that you know how beneficial red light therapy is for athletes, now you need to decide what kind of red light therapy is best for you. Here are our top choices for Red Light Therapy for athletes:


Portable Red Light Therapy Table Top Device


This small, compact red light device is a great option for home or work. It provides up 850 nm in wavelength, it can be effectively used on any part of the body to help reduce muscle soreness and recovery from injury.


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Smart Cupping Massage Device


This versatile device provides red light therapy in conjunction with cupping, massage, and thermal therapy to help improve muscle performance and recovery. This easy to use device can be used by professional physical therapists and individuals alike. It is available in a one or two pack.


Get the individual device here for $139.00.


If you are an athlete, you likely understand the importance of proper muscle recovery. Ensuring that your muscles are healthy is just as important as the workouts you complete. Incorporating techniques like Red Light Therapy can be extremely beneficial in improving your physical performance and seeing improvements in your strength.


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