MetaPanda starts with the game,opens the door to the mysteries of the metaverse

Since ancient times, people have never stopped yearning for freedom, whether it is “Journey to the West” in the East or “Paradise Lost” in the West, they all carry people’s desire for freedom. From the agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution, and then to the modern information technology revolution, human beings gain new freedom step by step. The emergence of the concept of metaverse makes it possible for mankind to realize ultimate freedom, because the metaverse can break through the constraints of material conditions, break through the oppression of social classes, even break through the constraints of physical rules.

Based on the imagination of the future, in 2021, giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, twitter, Morgan, NVIDIA and Google entered the market one after another to participate in the layout of the metaverse. Traditional Internet giants have huge energy, but its essence is an interest driven corporate group, their actions need to be accountable to shareholders, these constraints may lead to the lack of openness of the metaverse ecology they build, It is not necessarily the ultimate form of the metaverse.

In recent years, Dao has emerged with the rapid development of blockchain technology, it is more open, transparent and democratic, changes the traditional management form, and has a far-reaching impact on the future development of business model and social organization form. DAO characteristics are clearly more suited to the way the metaverse is organized, it is bound to become a catalyst to promote the development of the metaverse.

Consensus man from decentralized organization Dao, keenly captured this, open the creation road of MetaPanda metaverse.

1.What is MetaPanda ?

MetaPanda is a panda themed, metaverse with Defi, NFT and Gamefi as breakthrough points. It is development based on BSC. MetaPanda organically combines games, social interaction and a variety of entertainment activities, provide a new employment model, highlighting the mapping and interaction between the metaverse and the real world.

It is worth noting that MetaPanda is not just a game, with the improvement of MetaPanda ecosystem, in the future, MetaPanda will become a full scene digital space for people’s games, entertainment, social networking, shopping and work, it has a new social system and is the key carrier of future lifestyle. At present, MetaPanda takes the blockchain game as the starting point because the game has a high degree of consistency with the final idea of the metaverse in terms of immersion, virtual identity, digital assets, complete social system. It can be said that games provide us with a path to the metaverse.

MetaPanda  is committed to creating a free, equal, open, transparent and mutually beneficial Dao organization, and working with communities, players and developers to create unlimited application scenarios for MetaPanda , so that every player can not only have fun, but also participate in the construction of MetaPanda and obtain the dividends of MetaPanda’s development.

2.Solve industry pain points with core technology

As an important entry point of the metaverse, blockchain games show amazing explosive power in 2021, but the industry is still in a period of savage growth, and the emerging problems are obvious. First, the project quality of the metaverse concept on the market is uneven, resulting in 95% of the participants in the market being harvested, and the risk is too high; Secondly, the playing methods of many projects are complex, and the high participation threshold makes players gradually lose interest; Finally, weak infrastructure, backward security protection technology and opaque data and rules are common to many projects, which is also the reason for the frequent occurrence of asset safety accidents. These projects obviously can not meet the high-level requirements of the metaverse era.

MetaPanda provides a variety of asset security mechanisms, it includes asset operation authority, anti cheating transaction verification mechanism, iterative and updatable smart contract system, etc,from the technical level, ensure that the ownership and disposal right of players’ assets in the game only belong to players. More importantly, MetaPanda is developed based on BSC. Distributed nodes can avoid the possibility of artificial centralized control to the greatest extent, and all the information presented to users by MetaPanda is the result of the automatic operation of the decentralized algorithm according to the set rules, we know that the decentralization protocol is open and transparent.

In addition, the top-level design of MetaPanda has strong expansibility, which is embodied in blockchain interaction interface, acceptance gateway supporting FT ,NFT and multi chain riveting, so as to lay a solid foundation for expanding the integration boundary of the project.

3.Future outlook

With the growing maturity of MetaPanda ecology, MetaPanda is expected to try to develop a new generation of metaverse super public blockchain in 2023, open up game, social and public blockchain ecology, break down industrial chain barriers and realize industrial chain integration. On this basis, MetaPanda will further launch a virtual reality world based on the blockchain. Each player has his own identity ID,players can create and output content, and provide multiple social forms to bring users an immersive experience of multi port connection. At the same time, players can increase their identity influence through social interaction and convert their social influence into tokens. Players can realize the real economic exchange between the virtual and physical world through the exchange of tokens and real currencies, and finally form a self consistent economic system.

With the continuous optimization of hardware connection equipment, MetaPanda’s virtual experience will be further deepened, and the virtual reality world will slowly form a virtual social system, and cross platform and cross industry ecological interoperability and integration, MetaPanda’s metaverse ecosystem has also taken shape. On the one hand, people meet their spiritual needs through multiple interactive experiences in MetaPanda scenes, give full play to their creativity and create actual social value. On the other hand, with the help of virtual scenes, people improve the actual production efficiency of all aspects of the physical world such as industry, agriculture, transportation, medical treatment and education.

Imagine that one day 10 years later, when you wear a VR device to enter MetaPanda, you will make many different friends and even spark love with someone. You can choose to be a policeman, doctor or explorer, explore cases in Conan’s world and take a big adventure with The Monkey King. All experiences that have never been practiced in real life can be enjoyed in MetaPanda.

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