Basic Information of Diamond core drill Bits for Stone and Tile

Features: * Diamond core drill bit is used for any natural stones processing. * The diamond core drill bit working with minimal dust

Application: Granite, Marble and other hard Stones

Common sizes of wet diamond core bit for granite BSPtools manufactured:

Φ10Φ10×2.0x1060/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″
Φ12Φ12×2.5×1060/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″
Φ14Φ14×2.5×1060/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″
Φ16Φ16×2.5×1060/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″
Φ18Φ18×2.5×1060/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″
Φ20Φ20×2.5×1060/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″
Φ25Φ25×2.5×1060/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″
Φ35Φ35×3.0x1070/102mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/5/8-11″

Wet Granite core bit with side protection

Features: * The side protection offers clean cut & steel core protection * With technology of precise diamond placement throughout the segment, fabricators receive the fast drilling speeds possible without compromising tool life. * Perfect safety, excellent fast, high efficiency and complicate

Application:  Granite, Tile

Common sizes of wet granite core bits BSPtools manufactured:


Dry diamond core bit for granite

Features: * Fit on a high-speed angle grinder * Engineered stone countertop at the job sitewithout using water * It provides the best cutting performance

Application:  Granite, Tile

Common sizes of granite dry diamond core bit BSPtools manufactured:

Φ10Φ10×2.0x880/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-11″
Φ12Φ12×2.5×1080/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-11″
Φ14Φ14×2.5×1080/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-11″
Φ16Φ16×2.5×1080/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-11″
Φ18Φ18×2.5×1080/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-1
Φ20Φ20×2.5×1080/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-11″
Φ25Φ25×2.5×1080/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-11″
Φ30Φ30x3x1080/130mmCrown segment1/2BSP&M14/M16/5/8-11″

Super thin diamond core bit for ceramic and tile

Features: * Our ultra thin wall core bits are designed for polishing machine with center water feeder. * This core bit provide longer drilling life, smoother surface finish, faster and free drilling action, more consistent performance.

Application: Ceramic, tile

Common sizes of super thin diamond core bits for ceramic and tile BSPtools manufactured:

Φ6Φ6×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ8Φ8×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ10Φ10×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ12Φ12×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ14Φ14×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ16Φ16×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ18Φ18×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ20Φ20×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ25Φ25×1.2×8Crown segment45/75mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ30Φ30×1.2×8Crown segment55/88mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14
Φ35Φ35×1.2×8Crown segment55/88mm0.6mm1/2BSP&M14

CNC diamond core bit

Features: * High efficiency no-chipping long life * Fast drilling with Gas 1/2” thread * Thin wall design provides for fast cutting and reduced blowouts

Application: Granite, Marble

Common sizes of CNC diamond core bit BSPtools manufactured

Φ12Crown segmentΦ12×2.5×1060/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ14Crown segmentΦ14×2.5×1060/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ16Crown segmentΦ16×2.5×1060/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ18Crown segmentΦ18×2.5×1060/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ20Crown segmentΦ20×2.5×1060/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ25Crown segmentΦ25×2.5×1060/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ32Crown segmentΦ32×3.0x1070/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ35Crown segmentΦ35×3.0x1070/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ38Crown segmentΦ38×3.0x1070/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ404Pcs20×3.0x1070/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ454Pcs24×3.0x1070/102mm1/2 BSP Male
Φ505Pcs20×3.0x1070/102mm1/2 BSP Male

Vacuum brazed core bit

Spraying system with pressurisation by piston plunger. Locks in spraying position for hands-free work. Delivered with 1 m of hose.

Features:  The core bit designed for high speed high performance and heavy duty use on ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, glass, quartz, limestone, fiberglass, terracotta, terrazzo, quarry, vitrified tiles.

Application: For bricks, concrete block granite, marble and other stone masonry products

Common sizes of wet diamond core bit for granite BSPtools manufactured:

6mm40mm80mmHex Shank
8mm40mm80mmHex Shank
10mm40mm80mmHex Shank
12mm40mm80mmHex Shank
14mm40mm80mmHex Shank
16mm40mm80mmHex Shank
19mm40mm80mmHex Shank

Electric plated core bit wholesale

Features: Clean and precise holes at last, drilled easily in a few seconds, even in bathrooms and stone kitchen surfaces

Application: Tile, glass

Common sizes of electric plated core bits BSPtools manufactured:

10mm32mm65mmRound shank
12mm32mm65mmRound shank
14mm32mm65mmRound shank
16mm32mm65mmRound shank
19mm32mm65mmHex shank
22mm32mm65mmHex shank
29mm32mm65mmHex shank
35mm32mm65mmHex shank
41mm32mm65mmHex shank
44mm32mm65mmHex shank
51mm32mm65mmHex shank

Electric plated core bit accessories



Universal guide with stainless steel frame

Mini drill guide 1

Mini drill guide 2


Spraying system with pressurisation by piston plunger. Locks in spraying position for hands-free work. Delivered with 1 m of hose.

Universal drilling guide in stainless steel, fitted with a powerful suction cup. Can be used on all diameters, up to 83 mm.

Drilling guide for 4,5,6,7,8,10,12mm diamond bit, equipped with a suction cup and a connection for a sprinkler hose.

Drilling guide for 4,6,8,10,12mm diamond bit, equipped with a suction cup and a connection for a sprinkler hose.

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