How To Choose An Oxygen Concentrator According To Body Needs

Daily health care: 76% of white-collar workers are in a sub-healthy state. The people who can use it include office white-collar workers, programmers, pregnant women, etc., good companies, good husbands, and can prepare a health-care oxygen generator for employees and lovers.

1-2L is a health care type. In daily use, when you inhale the maximum oxygen concentration produced by a 1 or 2L oxygen concentrator and reach 93%, the oxygen concentration in the alveoli is 24-26%. For adults, Can not change the symptoms, can only be regarded as supplementary blood oxygen.

The 5-10L plateau oxygen generator is also of the health care + treatment type. In view of the low demand, and the different requirements for the environment where the robot is purchased, the machine power and other requirements, this article will not describe it. Later, I will write a special article on how to choose a plateau machine. It is recommended to pay attention to me first. Medical treatment: People suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma or pulmonary heart disease, long-term oxygen inhalation will have a good therapeutic effect.

Above 5L belongs to the therapeutic type. When you inhale the maximum oxygen concentration produced by the 5 or 8L oxygen concentrator and reach 93%, the oxygen concentration in the alveoli is 33-41%. For the patient, sufficient oxygen can be given. It can improve the body’s comprehensive immunity, clean the respiratory system, and improve the function of internal organs.Flow description: Repeat a sentence with an oxygen concentration of more than 90%, and the maximum flow rate of the oxygen generator determines how many liters are.

The flow includes two aspects: the oxygen flow with a concentration of more than 90% and the maximum flow.Some businesses will use the maximum flow rate of the oxygen concentrator to pretend to be the medical standard concentration oxygen flow rate in order to confuse the concept. Everyone must pay attention to the distinction.

Take a 3L oxygen generator as an example. See the figure below. When you adjust the flow to 0.5L-3L, the oxygen concentration is 93%, which is a normal value. When the flow rate is adjusted to 4 and 5L, the oxygen concentration quickly drops to 82%-78%, which is a false flow.

How to choose an oxygen concentrator according to body needs

How to judge the misleading propaganda of the oxygen concentrator business on the flow? When buying a 5L oxygen generator, ask the seller, can the oxygen concentration reach more than 90%?Use third-party testing equipment to check the true concentration of oxygen. Refer to the equipment below.


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