Brief Introduction About The Performance Efficiency Of Concrete Vibrator

Concrete vibrators are classic devices in concrete consolidation. They are needed to displace air through vibration from concrete that is still liquid. Their application makes concrete stronger and more resilient. Internal vibrators or poker vibrators are often meant by concrete vibrators. The reason for this is because the main work of the so-called vibrator head is carried out inside the concrete. The vibrator head is kept in the freshly mixed (green) concrete in order to consolidate the concrete. The eccentric weight integrated in the vibrator head and powered by the motor turns with at least 6,000 revolutions per minute. The vibrator head thus makes the fresh concrete vibrate and the air bubbles rise to the top. The typical vibration frequency of concrete vibrators is approx. 200 Hz. This frequency is required to achieve a sufficient vibration performance with compact construction equipment. The performance efficiency of the concrete vibrator has a great influence on the economic efficiency of the compaction process and the quality of the work results.

The concrete vibrator exists in five forms: electric-type, gasoline type, diesel type, high-frequency type, portable type.

The electric concrete vibrator is designed for use with the vibrating poker. It is created on the basis of pendulum theory. The 2840RPM drive unit is utilized to transmit vibrating torque to the poker via the flexible tube. The drive can be plugged to different types of power supply voltages including 380V, 220V, and 110V.

Coupling type: Japanese type, Dynapac type, Round Type

Power: 1.5HP, 2.0HP, 3.0HP

Frame Type: Square Frame, Tripod Frame, Round Frame

Matched vibrator shaft: 28mm/32mm/38mm/45mm/60mm

Length: 4mtr/ 6mtr/ 8mtr

The Gasoline engine concrete vibrator utilizes either a gasoline engine of Honda, Loncin, or Robin brand, or a diesel engine to transmit motion. It is compatible with vibrator shafts of various sizes. The product is conveniently used on the job site where electrical power is not available.

As optional Engine Brand: HONDA GX160 5.5HP/ Robin EY20 5.0HP/ Loncin GF200 6.5HP /Diesel Engine 170F 4.0HP

Coupling type: Japanese type ,Dynapac type ,Round Type

Frame Type: Square Frame, Rotating Frame

Matched vibrator shaft :28mm/32mm/35mm/38mm/45mm/50mm/60mm

Length: 4 mtr /6mtr /8mtr /10mtr/12mtr

The ZID series high-frequency concrete vibrator is an immersion type vibrator. During operation, the vibrating poker that is attached to the vibrator has to be immersed into the concrete. The poker has an eccentric vibrating element inside it.

The vibrator incorporates off-centered weights into the 18000rpm electric motor to generate high frequency vibration. Via the flexible tube, the vibrator transmits the vibration to the poker via the flexible tube. It is spun as much as 12,000 times per minute, which makes it easy to cause resonance with the poured concrete.

The lightweight vibrator only weighs 6kg , giving ease of operation. It is one of the most widely used products, known for its low noise, energy efficiency, reliable functioning, high safety, and good vibrating performance.

Power : 1500W /2300W

Voltage: 220V~50HZ /110V~60HZ

Working Speed: 18000 RPM

Matched vibrator shaft :35mm/38mm/45mm/50mm

Length :3mtr/ 4mtr/5mtr /6mtr

2000W Vibrators Concrete

【Coupling type】High speed type ,Hexagone type,Bosch Square type

【More Powerful】2000W concrete vibrator is more powerful. Voltage: 110V~220V. Lightweight and compact design, easy to use, can be used for a long time without fatigue. Ideal for construction, repair and other maintenance work.

【More Efficient】The length of the shaft is 2.4Mtr,3.0mtr,4.0mtr,4.5mtr which expands the working range and improves work efficiency. If the concrete vibrator does not work, please gently tap on the hard object to make the shaft vibration frequency the same as the vibrator.

【Unique Design】The protective metal frame prevents the concrete vibration motor from sliding. Dip the concrete vibrating rod shaft into the wet concrete to remove bubbles and excess water so that the concrete settles in the formwork correctly and firmly.

【Multiple Uses】The concrete vibrator can be used for concrete pouring of high-rise buildings, highway fences, bridge construction, cement grape trusses, port construction and so on. Small size, light weight, easy to carry and use.

【Quality Assurance】12months

【Powerful】Hand Concrete Vibrator with 800W~1300W~1500W Copper wire

【Vibration speed】5800, 11,000~13,000 Vibrations Per Minute, Vibrators force the trapped air out of the mixture leaving the final product a more compact and level slab.

【External Carbon Brush Design】The carbon brush is installed on the outside,when the brush used up,it is easy to replace and maintenance.

【Easy to Operate】The Ergonomic handle design is ideal for consistent use;self-locking switch can be locked by one button,To keep the machine running for a long time, reduce work intensity and relieve finger fatigue.

【Durable and Reliable】6.6Ft long Copper Rod,Thickened and strengthened cast aluminum head shell, Enlarge the air outlet and adopt a porous heat dissipation design, offer you a reliable construction Tools

【Wide Application】Our concrete vibrator is used for concrete mixing in construction and decoration environments to increase the bubble overflow rate and improve the thickness of cement, suitable for vibrating ground beams, prefabrication of cement components, interior decoration, house building , foundation laying, outdoor decoration, etc. If you have any problems about using or others, plz read the instruction or just contact us, our customer service is available at any time.

【Advantages】The vibrator motor only weighs 2.2kg. When attached with the 1m-long 3.14kg shaft, the whole assembly has a weight as little as 5.34kg.The lightweight structure allows ease with which the vibrator can be operated.

Backpack Concrete Vibrator Powered by HONDA GX35 1.5 HP /Huasheng 142FA 1.9HP Gasoline Engine, The lightweight and compact design makes the concrete vibrator easy to transport and position on the jobsite. Can be used with either steel or rubber vibrator heads- currently come with Steel Vibrator heads

【 Specification】 Vibrator/Poker Specs:Diameter:35mm/45mm. Length: 1.0mtr /1.5mtr /2.0mtr /2.5mtr ☆Engine Specs:Single cylinder. Air cooled. OHV valve system. Recoil starting system. Automatic alarm and stop at low oil level. Compression ratio: 8.5:1. Displacement: 42.7 cc. Noise: 70dBA

【Remove Air Bubbles and Level the Concrete】This concrete vibrator quickly and efficiently remove surface air bubbles and level concrete.

【Long Continuous Working Time】Lightweight and compact design for all day use

【Durable and Powerful】4 stroke 1.5HP engine. Eliminates the need for a dedicated generator on site. Cast iron casing improves lubrication and increases engine life


Typical uses of the concrete vibrator are on the bridge, harbor, large dam, high-rise, and water wheel construction sites, where the vibrator is utilized to ensure an evenly-poured, bubble-free concrete foundation or wall. The product is commonly seen in various large-, medium-, or small-sized construction projects. It increases concrete density, thus improving bonding strength. It also eliminates cracks, giving the concrete high water-tightness. The vibrator is an indispensable tool to ensure the quality and strength of the whole concrete construction.


1. Do not leave the vibrating poker operating in the air as it will be overheated. The poker is only effectively cooled when it is immersed into the concrete.

2. Do not stop the vibrator motor whilst the poker is immersed as withdrawing will be difficult.

3. Do not lubricate the internal poker.

4. Clean the poker at 50-hour use interval.

5. Hit the poker head against the ground to start vibrating motion.

6. Hold the poker by the rubber sleeve that is wrapped around it in case excessive bending of the flexible tube occurs. Excess bend causes friction and makes the flexible tube more likely to overheat. Therefore, always keep the flexible tube as straight as possible when operating.

7. To stop the engine, turn off the ignition and cut off the petrol supply.

8. Be sure that the poker is fully immersed into the concrete.

9. The poker and flexible tube of the concrete vibrator should be maintained and cleaned with petrol every 100 hours of use.

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