What should one know about selective wave soldering?

Types of selective wave soldering machine

Selective wave soldering is divided into two types: offline selective wave soldering and online selective wave soldering.

Offline selective wave soldering: off-line means off-line with the production line. Flux spraying machine and selective welding machine are divided into 1+1, in which the preheating module follows the welding department, manual transmission, man-machine combination, equipment occupies less space.

Online selective wave soldering: online system can receive production line data in real time and fully automatic docking, welding flux module preheating module welding module integrated structure, characterized by automatic chain transmission, equipment takes up a large space, suitable for high automation production mode.

Advantages and disadvantages of selective wave soldering machine

Selective welding has the following cost advantages:

Smaller equipment takes up space

Less energy consumption

Substantial flux savings

Greatly reduce tin slag generation

Drastically reduce nitrogen use

No fixture costs are incurred

Selective welding has the following disadvantages:

1. High purchase cost

One reason is that the function of selective wave soldering is more complex than that of general wave soldering, so the machine structure will be more complex and the manufacturing cost is higher. Another reason is that the mainstream selective wave soldering is still imported products. At the beginning of localization, market demand is gradually increasing and market competition is gradually strengthening.

2. Low efficiency

The advantage of selective wave soldering on the solder joint quality control is very significant, but at the same time it compared to conventional wave soldering in production is very obvious, the deficiency of the above as a nozzle at the same time can only be a solder welding, although some machines, by adding the number of nozzle to increase production, but in production is an important lack of selective wave soldering.

Selective wave soldering maintenance

1. Wave soldering equipment aging maintenance, electrical maintenance, equipment surface maintenance.

Check flux cover filter net and eliminate excess flux residue, flux filter net is cleaned with water once a week, clean the exhaust hood every week, check whether the spray is uniform. The nozzle should be cleaned every day, the method is to add alcohol in the smaller flux cylinder, open the ball valve, close the ball valve of the larger flux cylinder, start the spray for 5-10 minutes, take off the nozzle every week, soak in the water for two hours, check whether the tin furnace oxidized black powder, oxidized slag is too much.

2. Every 1 hour of wave welding equipment operation, should check the number of tin furnace oxidation black powder, and soup leakage will be out of the tin slag.

3. Too much oxide accumulation in tin tank will cause wave seal instability, tin tank bubbling, and even motor stop and other problems.

4. At the moment, loosen the screw fixing the nozzle, remove the nozzle, and remove the tin slag inside the nozzle.

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