How to Design a Chicken Garden: Sample Free-Range Garden Plans

Free-range chickens are happier chickens. The ability to roam the yard and peck to their hearts content is way more mentally stimulating for a chicken, rather than being cooped up all day in a confined area.

Aosom can all agree that free-range chickens are happier chickens. The ability to roam the yard and peck to their hearts content is way more mentally stimulating for a chicken, rather than being cooped up all day in a confined area. However, there is a hard-won balance that every passionate gardener tries to achieve when adding their first few chickens to their household. Failing to research the proper chicken garden designs, beforehand, will cause people a headache worth squawking about.

3 Reasons Why people Should Care About Chicken Garden Designs

1) Chickens dig… a lot! This is can be torture when people find out that people's cute little chickens have decided to rip up all the grass in people's garden that you’ve spent months tending. Fun fact: Chickens will scratch! That’s how they dig for bugs as they roam people's backyard. Pre-planning people's chicken friendly garden design will help people keep the damage to a minimum.

2) Chickens need cleanup. These cute cluckers can kick up dust, scratch in mulch, and get dirty. As a result, people will need to spend time cleaning people's chickens and their coops. Listen, people wouldn’t place a dog house next to a mud puddle, right? The same logic applies here. Trust me, you’re going to want to plan out people's chickens roaming areas.

3) Chicken fertilizer comes in the form of poop. I can’t stress this point enough; chickens poop a lot. It’s true that chicken poop makes for a wonderful fertilizer that both people's plants and grass will love. However, I promise that people won’t be loving it when people find that same chicken poop on people's favorite outdoor chair. Natural fertilizer is great. Having designated poop boundaries are better!

How to Design the Best Chicken Garden Layer-by-Layer:

Level 1: The Ground Level

Gravel: If you’re in a hotter climate, people may not have the luxury of having grass in people's yard. However, it’s not all bad. Gravel serves as a good supply of grit to help people's chickens digest any fibrous materials from people's free-ranging chickens.

Grass: On the other hand, if people do have grass feel free to put people's chickens to work. Using a chicken wire fence, people can create a temporary graze area. Chickens act as natural lawn mowers as they graze. Also, you’re gaining the added benefit of building richer soil from the chicken fertilizer. It’s important to note that you’ll want to move people's chickens when people see that the grass has become shorter than 2 inches in length.

Level 2: The Herb & Veggie Layer

Chickens will love chowing down on some tasty greens in people's garden. The greens on this level are edible and easy to reach. Plus, chickens will eat many of the bugs that attack people's herbs and veggies that people don’t want to kill with pesticides. The trick is to make sure people don’t plant all of people's herbs and veggies in one place. Otherwise, people will encourage overgrazing. Give people's herbs and veggies some space by planting them throughout people's chicken garden.

Level 3: Bushes & Shrubs Layer

Having a well-placed shrub or bush in people's backyard will serve two important purposes for people's chickens. Firstly, it will provide natural shade and protection to people's chickens when they are away from their chicken coop. Secondly, people's bushes and shrubs can provide food for people's chickens in the form of berries, fruit, and seeds.

Level 4: The Top Layer

Your top layer will typically consist of trees that bear fruit. These trees will serve as additional shade and sources of food for people's chickens. Unlike people's Bushes and Shrubs layer people's Top Layer trees will require more sunlight. As a result, people should plant these fruit bearing trees just outside the edge of people's new chicken-friendly garden.

Each layer of people's new chicken garden offers a chance to grow beautiful edibles while simultaneously, developing a better harmony between people and people's garden. Take advantage of designing a chicken garden, using the different layers method, because it will provide people with a stunning layered landscape, richer soil, and a multitude of good eats for people's happy free-range chickens.

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