Mimecast: How to Manage Security Awareness Training With Contractors and Consultants

NEW YORK - August 17, 2021 - (Newswire.com)

Everyone involved in an organization should be compliant with cybersecurity protocols and procedures; contractors and consultants are no different. Many studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of cybersecurity breaches that happen are due to human error, and temporary workers are just as much of a liability as full time employees when it comes to making an innocent cybersecurity error.

A robust security awareness training program can address the human error component of cybersecurity. When implemented and managed well, these programs can inspire security awareness and compliance with permanent and temporary team members alike. 

Engaging contractors and consultants in security awareness training

Appeal to personal values

Every organization has different cybersecurity protocols and procedures, but it's not just about complying with rules--it's also about protecting the people behind sensitive information, making sure the hard work contractors contribute isn't lost to security breaches, and doing one's part to maintain a safe working environment.

A security awareness training program that leads with these human values can help foster intrinsic interest in cybersecurity awareness and compliance.

Keep the training short and engaging, but regular

Employees are less likely to retain information if the training sessions are long and infrequent. Rather than having contractors complete training during onboarding, weekly or monthly 3-5 minute video sessions can help refresh the knowledge and retain interest. Humor has also been shown to go a long way in terms of knowledge retention and compliance.

Ensuring compliance

Use phishing tests to increase cybersecurity awareness

In addition to or instead of quizzes, this can be a great way to test for compliance and create a safe space for learning from mistakes.

Correcting errors

In the event that a contractor is not being compliant, it's important to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a serious issue. Having a timely conversation with the contractor about the issue is a great way to take corrective action. Rather than focusing on the mistake that was made, try to structure the meeting around what the contractor can do to be compliant and how that makes a positive impact on the team.

Collect documentation

One of the best ways to track engagement are built into security awareness training programs, which provide proof of compliance by way of records of attendance, certificates of completion, and feedback from participants.

Gamify performance

There are many ways to make learning fun. How about a contest to see which employee or contractor can achieve the best security awareness training test score? Participants can be entered into a raffle for a gift card, or winners can be guaranteed a prize.

Appreciation and empathy

It never hurts to say thank you and to appreciate someone for doing their part to keep the workplace safe and secure. Kind words and genuine gratitude often go a long way with non-permanent team members and full time employees alike. At the end of the day, errors are often caused by humans, and it's important to address this accordingly.

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