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It has been tough times for everyone trading small caps in the last few days/weeks. They have been dis-connected from the other mid/big caps. Everyday things are changing and we have to make the decisions accordingly. These stocks are very oversold in every conceivable time frame, suggesting that downside price action is limited, whereas upside price potential is very significant. Meanwhile, yesterday, we already started to see some signs of recovery in some small caps, confirming that probably we will see some rotation going forward from big caps due to the overbought conditions to small caps clearly in the opposite situation. The Russell index from a technical standpoint is just making a pause on the upside move and a break of the 226.69 level should attract a lot of big traders to the small caps again. Call me crazy, but May might become the month of new highs for Russell. So watch closely this level of resistance next week. 
In 1871, Baron Rothschild is purported to have said “Buy when blood is running in the streets”. While the streets are not running with blood at this time, to those invested in small caps, it certainly feels that way and I am currently buying new positions and accumulating some others at bargain prices.
I listed below some potential bounce plays for the coming week. 
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SeaChange International Inc (NASDAQ:SEAC) Here is a good example of total overreaction in this small cap environment. This company closed an offering just a few weeks ago at $1.85, which was above the five-day average closing price of $1.26, something impressive for a small cap stock, demonstrating a tremendous investor interest. As I tweeted yesterday I took a significant long position on the stock at 0.945 (100000 shares) and increased at 1. There is no way this stock should be trading at $1.03 and current prices could qualify as the bargain of a lifetime. Another reason that we might have seen the bottom now is the fact that the stock printed a large bullish hammer candlestick yesterday on the daily chart. Plus, the accumulation/distribution line remains at high levels, meaning that the strong hands are holding not selling. I know that is a lot to chew on, but to sum it up, I believe SEAC is a bargain at these prices.
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If you were looking to get into  CPS Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:CPSH), now might be the last chance you get to get in this low. The stock should rebound solidly making these $8's look like quite a bargain down the road. I entered long before the close.
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WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc (NASDAQ:WIMI) Daily MACD triggered a new buy signal last week. Could start to heat up the next few weeks. The chart shows a stock that is looking to rally with $6.85 as the next logical price point. After that the 200 EMA comes in at $7.05 and the March high of $9.93 would be next.
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Liquid Media Group Ltd (NASDAQ:YVR) Watch the break of the upper line of this large falling wedge on the 4H chart for a big run. NFT play that deserves your attention.
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This stock has been one of my biggest disappointments this month. Honestly, I have still not given up hope. The financials for Borqs Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:BRQS) are not representative of a $1.12 stock, but rather a $2-$3 stock.  At some point the investment community will catch onto this, until then I think BRQS is a true bargain 5G play.
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Genius Brands International Inc (NASDAQ:GNUS) On the daily chart, the price struggled to continue its downward move yesterday, and it closed with a doji candle formation after touching the major support level at 1.40.  The doji gave a signal of possible price reversal upward, especially since it formed around the 1.50 area, which, although offered no distinct high or low, is congested with previous support and resistance levels. Possible bounce play next week.
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Tilray Inc (NASDAQ:TLRY) showing signs of possible bottom turn reversal.
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