Don't Fall Flat: Here's What to Do With Old Tires

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With the 5th largest vocational fleet in the nation and more than 16,000 trucksRepublic Services knows a few things about tires and what to do and not do with your old tires.

When dealing with old tires, you have a few options. From recycling to disposal or even repurposing an old tire, there’s a solution that works for everyone. 

Review our list of DOs and DON’Ts before deciding how to responsibly dispose of your old tires. 

Do: Take steps to preserve and maintain your existing tires to reduce the need for replacements. The life of a tire can be extended by adding a new tire tread. Retreading tires is a complicated process, but we know the value of recycling resources wherever and whenever possible. Retreading has the potential to save roughly 200,000 tires per year!

Don’tTires can’t be thrown away curbside. They always require special handling. When your old tires can no longer be salvaged, don’t place your tire in your trash bin or outside for bulk waste collection. In the U.S. cars produce approximately 246 million waste tires annually.

Do: If you’re having your tires changed professionally, always leave your old tires with the professionals for proper disposal. If that isn’t an option, contact local providers to determine where you can properly dispose of tires. Some landfills accept tires, but it depends on local regulations – so make sure to call your specific provider before taking tires to a landfill. 

Don’t: While tires can be recycled, they require special handling and can’t be recycled through your curbside program. This means you should never place them in your recycling bin at home. 

Do: Take the time to find a tire recycler in your area. According to the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association, approximately 76% of scrap tires were recycled in the U.S. You can learn more about tire recycling at or find a local tire recycler using the Recycling Locator tool

Don’t: Don’t forget that you can get creative with your old tires by repurposing them at home. You can build a tire swing, planter, or unique outdoor chair using worn tires. Check out how you can create a fun craft with an old tire.

Learn more about the dos and don’ts of recycling and how it supports sustainability at

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